the m family

as you might’ve read in my “big announcement” post, i’ve decided that it’s time. time to start capturing what really matters the most to me. i’ve always wanted to just be a fly on the wall in people’s homes to take photos of little moments in their day but i didn’t know how to go about doing that and i had no idea that there are hundreds (thousands?) of photographers out there that do just that. lifestyle photographers. mothers. people just like me that are watching their children grow and change right before their eyes and want desperately to stop time so they picked up their cameras and vowed to never let go until all of the little things – the important things – were documented. so you’ll no longer find me in the park pleading with little ones to smile. instead, i’ll be with them in their homes as they eat breakfast, spill milk on the floor, play in sandboxes, draw masterpieces, track mud in the house, take baths, get tucked in. this is what matters and these are the things that i want to remember…and i think you will too.

the m family from Casey Hutcherson on Vimeo.

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