molly is 8 months!

<playing a bit of catch-up>

I think that I’ve come a long way in a year – at least I’d like to think so! My editing style has changed quite a bit and I think I view things differently through taking workshops and just generally trying to live more in the moment. I should’ve known last in July of 2012 when I went on this shoot, that my real passion was taking photos of people in their element. My absolute favorite photos from that session are the ones where Cindy is holding Molly and just playing her role of Mama.

Fast forward a few months. Molly is about 8 months and I go back again to take some more photos. She can sit up on her own and is such a sweet, happy girl. Also, the little outfits she wears are to die for! Even though it’s February, after a few inside shots we go outside in the backyard anyway (Molly in a little sweater fit for a winter princess) and bask in the gorgeous sunlight peeking through the trees.

Although the focus of my business is now more towards lifestyle photography, I’m still pretty happy with the way these images came out and so I want to share them with you. Also, my next post is another Molly update so I wanted to get you up-to-date:)


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