the bannister family

This was such a fun session. The weather was cold – but not cold enough to be unbearable – so we were able to spend some time outside as well as in. Hayley had lots of activities for the little ones planned and the kids were great (and adorable!) Also, I might need to get some tips from Hayley and Casey (yeah, it got a little confusing…) because Ella might be the most polite little girl that I’ve ever met! They spent some of their time decorating cookies to look like turkey’s since Thanksgiving was coming up when I shot this session and I will never forget as I was leaving Hayley asked Ella if she wanted to pick out a cookie to give to me before I left and she ran into the kitchen and said “oh yes, let’s find the perfect one!” SO.SWEET! Hayley, please tell Ella that it WAS the perfect one; it was delicious! I hope you enjoy these…

the bannister family from Casey Hutcherson on Vimeo.


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