newborn session with Olive

There is nothing like those first couple of days after a baby is born. That time in life was, for me anyway, unlike any other; sweet, tender, still, precious, and peaceful. I wish I could’ve just bottled up those moments to carry around with me and revisit everyday. However, being invited in to share it with other families is the next best thing.

I loved this session! Fellow neighbor and photographer Kristin Seward asked me to come and capture the first day after her third child was born. I arrived about 30 minutes to an hour before her older children arrived to take some shots of just Kristin and her newborn baby girl, Olive. The older children arrived with their daddy a little while later to meet their new baby sister. It was such a privilege to witness this special time in this family’s life! Thank you Seward family for asking me to capture these amazing moments!

Also, thank you so much to my friend Jon Crawley for allowing me to use his song, “Endless Time” for my slideshow. To hear more of Jon’s music, check out his bandcamp page.


newborn session: olive s. from Casey Hutcherson on Vimeo.

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