meet Katia

I feel like I’m always saying this but really, this session was like no other. This time it was because I was photographing the newborn of my best friend since childhood. Lauren and I have been friends since we were 3 years old – she’s my first and oldest friend. I remember being ecstatic when she had her first child, Will, and I found out that it was a boy – because I had a little boy already and of course they were destined to become friends! And now, 3 years later, little Katia is born. This time I was ecstatic because it was a girl! And I don’t have one of those! Now I can get my girl-clothing-fix and spoil miss Katia with all sorts of adorable girlie things. Not only that, but now I have a little lady to photograph as she grows up – surrounded by boys! The biggest of congratulations to my dear friend and her sweet, sweet family.

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