Stitch Fix #1

So I just signed up for Stitch Fix. If you’ve never heard of it, basically you fill out a short online questionnaire about your style, link to any Pinterest boards that will help a stylist know your style, and then they pick 5 items to send to you to try on (and send back – free – if you don’t like what you get). You pay $20 for the styling but that gets credited to your account if you choose to keep any of your items. You also get a discount if you keep everything. I have zero time to shop for myself so this was an exciting idea. Plus, I’ve always wanted a personal stylist:)

I was pretty pumped to get my first Fix in the mail yesterday and immediately tried everything on. I wasn’t planning on taking photos but thought it would be helpful for my stylist as well as help me keep track of what’s coming and what I’m sending back. So here goes…(I have to admit that I kind of love that my boys ended up in some of these photos…keeping it real, y’all!)

First up:

Lani Cropped Skinny Jean (Level 99): $128

Augusto Keyhole Detail Top (Skies are Blue): $58

Okay so first we have the Lani Cropped Skinny Jean (Level 99) and the Augusto Keyhole Detail Top (Skies are Blue). Despite my smiles in these photos, I’m not a fan on the way this top looks on me. I am one pasty white girl and this top totally washes me out. I like the jeans but they are $128. The most I will spend on jeans is maaaaybe $75 and that is if they look amaaaaazing on me. Usually though I get them at a consignment store. In fact, I get most of my clothes consignment so this was slight sticker shock even though I selected the cheapest level I could on the survey! This shirt and the jeans are both going back.


Caspian Scallop Trim Cardigan (Skies are Blue): $68

Ignore my dirty dingy shoes. But I don’t think I need to say much about this one – it so clearly looks “meh” on me. One of the questions on the questionnaire is how tight-fitting you prefer your clothes. I don’t think I usually wear my clothes super tight (I DO have a muffin top belly from my babies to hide) but this just looks frumpy on me. I didn’t take the photo of the back – which is my favorite part. It’s got lots of little holes down the back. But still, this has gotsta go back.


Corinna Striped Dolman Top (Market & Spruce): $48

By far my favorite item in this Fix. I’m sort of trying to get away from grey and black because most of what I already own is grey…or black…So maybe that’s why I like this so much, despite really wishing for more color in my life. I’m keeping this shirt because it’s the second cheapest item in the box, by far my favorite thing, and I don’t want to lose $20 for a stylist’s fee and get nothing out of it!


Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket (Market & Spruce): $108

I was really torn over this jacket. And actually, I’m even more torn looking at this picture because I like how it looks in the photo (although, I wouldn’t normally wear those boots with this jacket…I just didn’t want to mess with changing shoes for this last shot). I like the price of this jacket but again, I already own too many of these darker colors AND this jacket is dry clean only…this mama does NOT do dry clean only. So sadly, I think it’s just gotta go back.

Here’s the card that I received with my items to help with styling:

In conclusion, I’m keeping one item mainly because I don’t want to lose $20. I think I’ll give it one more shot to see what they come up for me next but in my next Fix I hope that I get:

1) more color

2) items that are more fitted

3) nothing that has to be dry cleaned

For those of you that have been wanting to try Stitch Fix, I hope you’re not too discouraged by this post. I have a friend that tells me that the more Fixes she got, the more they started to “get” her style. I think the pieces I received this time around were a little on the safe side but maybe they just wanted to feel me out before sending something too adventurous. If you think you’d like to try out Stitch Fix, please consider using my personal referral link so that I can get some sweet, sweet credit 😉

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