smith is on his way

I’m “on call” right now; awaiting a the arrival of a sweet little boy named Smith. When he decides to make his appearance, I get to go to the hospital and photograph his first (or second) day – one of my favorite types of sessions! His mama, my friend Alisha, was here on Wednesday helping me out with my boys while I was editing my last maternity session and after she left I thought “wait a minute! Alisha needs a maternity session!” So I texted her and volunteered her for a session the very next day. Since she’s a first-time mom, the lifestyle format that I usually stick to was altered a little bit because there weren’t other littles running around, her husband was working, and we were short on time. But that’s okay – Alisha is beautiful enough to provide plenty of eye candy on by herself. And I’m practically bursting with excitement for mister Smith – he is one lucky little guy…he’s got some amazing parents!

<Sidenote: I was torn about whether to reveal any nursery pictures already since I’ll likely be photographing it again after he is born but I decided it might be a good idea to have some shots of what it looks like before a baby lives there, right? And oh my goodness gracious; I want to move into this boy’s nursery! Ah-dorable!!!>

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