a little someone’s first hair cut

When we went to get Goose’s first haircut about 4 years ago, we went to one of those fancy kids places where they can watch a movie whilst sitting in a “car” seat. And the haircut itself was sandwiched in between playing trains and eating animal crackers. The stylist insisted that she could cut through all of the crying – and that she did. She did an amazing job cutting his hair and so, we went back to her again and again. But then she moved on and we had a hard time finding a reliable stylist in Richmond after that. Since then we’ve been very happy with a woman that my mom goes to but we only make it out to her when we’re visiting with my parents (over an hour away) and it would be convenient to have someone in-town that we could rely on.

Flash forward to today. Both boys needed a haircut and I was dying to find an old fashioned barbershop in town so that I could capture the event – Muchie’s very first haircut – in style. I found Main Street Barber & Mercantile on Yelp! and was not disappointed. They gave the boys candy to keep them happy and even provided us with a certificate since it was Munchie’s first cut. And as you can see, I had a good time recording our special outing.


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