The M Family

I usually send out a fairly detailed email to parents on what “to say/do” and what “not to say/do” to their children on the day of their lifestyle photography session. The fact is, most kids are amused by my presence and they don’t mind having their picture taken when they are free to be themselves. It’s when parents start up with the “say cheese!” “look at the camera!” etc. that trouble starts.

Gwen very graciously replied to my email warning her about how kids can fall apart if they’re told to “smile” and told me how Thomas generally didn’t mind having his picture taken. And boy, she was not kidding! This kid oozed charm and made my job super easy. He was sleeping when I arrived but he was all smiles from the time he woke up until I left. He reminded me of my little Munchie so I was all smiles too.

These were some of the very last photos that this family will have in their Richmond home and it was an absolute dream to shoot such a gorgeous home with its equally beautiful occupants. I know little Thomas won’t remember this house but I’m thankful that he’ll have these photos to look back on one day and that I was the one that got to spend the morning with him and his mama and daddy.

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