Meet Casey

i love my two boys. i love banjos, honeybees and wearing hats. i wish i had more time to dance, bake, knit and discover new music. i adore the fall, caramel macchiatos and dresses with pockets. one day i want to get an airstream and drive around the country with my family.

i am a mother first and foremost. there are millions of little bits and pieces of life that i long to freeze so that i won’t forget. because i want to keep those memories close and dear, i photograph whatever i can. i want to help you record those moments as well – even if it’s just a couple of hours of your day. i shoot lifestyle photography so that means i shoot life as it happens. i don’t believe in putting our children in uncomfortable positions and clothes so that i can photograph them being miserable; i want to catch genuine moments in their childhood.

contact me to learn more about a lifestyle session. i will also shoot a limited number of weddings; contact me for more information.